Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga- Videophone Remix (Video)

Comment on what you like and don't like.


  1. Sexy hot video though check out the new website

  2. Beyonce looks so hott with the long bangs. gaga is gettin uglier everytime i see her in a video. the only thing keepin her alive is her ass. good song for gaga is tipdrill by nelly (must be your ass cuz it aint yo face bitch yous a tipdrill)

  3. there are a few things I wish after watching this video and I'm sure you all are wishing the same.On to a more serious note. Gaga should not have been in this video. if they wanted a sexy white chick, they should have gotten Christina Aguilera. gaga should not be in videos with attractive people in them. Gaga is FUGLY!!!!!!I hate her.