Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wire & The 2012 NBA Finals

This was put together by me & my brother Everett. Hope you like.


LeBron James= Stringer Bell- Facilitator, makes plays, trying to subtly take Avon's spot
Dwyane Wade= Avon Barksdale- Long standing head of the team/family. Trying to maintain his position, while losing grip
Chris Bosh= Slim Charles- Second in command when Avon or Stringer aren't around
Udonis Haslem= Wee-Bey- The Barksdales muscle. If something needs to be done, he'll take care of it
Mario Chalmers= Bodie- Out on the corner/perimeter, slanging for the crew
Shane Battier= Poot- Partnered with Bodie on the corner/perimeter
Norris Cole= Wallace- Young boy who was said to have a future, then buried and forgotten
Gloria James= Brianna Barksdale- Female head of the Barkdales, can't leave the street behind and move on without the spotlight
Juwan Howard= Prop Joe- The old head who has seen it all and been through it all, offering advice
Dexter Pittman= Cheese- Prop Joe's right hand/muscle who just does the wrong things consistantly


Kevin Durant= Marlo Stanfield- Head of the new, younger hustlers/dominant team of the NBA
James Harden= Michael Lee- Said to be the new 6th man closer after Manu Ginobili. Coming up with Marlo/Durant,may branch off
Russell Westbrook= Snoop Pearson- Young and reckless, shoot first ask questions later
Serge Ibaka= Chris Partlow- More controlled than Snoop, but a killer if you mess with him the wrong way
Thabo Sefolosha= Monk Metcalf
Derek Fisher= Vinson- Elder advisor to the family/team
Daequan Cook= Kenard- Youngin gunning to make a name for himself
Kendrick Perkins= Old Face Andre

Manu Ginobili= Omar Little- Down late in games? You know he is coming for you and nothing you can do. Lives by a code
Kobe Bryant= Brother Mouzone- Doesn't matter who it is, he'll kill you if you aren't careful

Tim Duncan= Cedric Daniels- The Captain of the force
Tony Parker= Jimmy McNulty- Wild personal life, but gets the job done by any means he can
Stephen Jackson= Bunk Moreland- Partnered with McNulty/Parker, also comes through to get the job done
Doc Rivers= Lester Freamon- The old vet who has been in the game before, but now can direct,dissect and devise up new plans
Greg Stiemsma= Herc- Taking out smaller bench players with his partner Carver/Bass
Brandon Bass= Ellis Carver- Taking out smaller bench players with his partner Stiemsma/Herc
Kevin Garnett= Clay Davis- Conniving? Maybe. Dirty? Maybe. Great at what he does and talks a good good? Shheeiiiitttt yeah
Paul Pierce= Tommy Carcetti- The mayor of it all. Gets disrespected until you forget about him, then comes through in the clutch
Rajon Rondo= Bunny Colvin- Floor general/commander who takes unconventional methods to get the result he desires
Ray Allen= Clarence Royce- Former mayor. Tried to hang on til the end but now just forgotten of how good he was