Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wire & The 2012 NBA Finals

This was put together by me & my brother Everett. Hope you like.


LeBron James= Stringer Bell- Facilitator, makes plays, trying to subtly take Avon's spot
Dwyane Wade= Avon Barksdale- Long standing head of the team/family. Trying to maintain his position, while losing grip
Chris Bosh= Slim Charles- Second in command when Avon or Stringer aren't around
Udonis Haslem= Wee-Bey- The Barksdales muscle. If something needs to be done, he'll take care of it
Mario Chalmers= Bodie- Out on the corner/perimeter, slanging for the crew
Shane Battier= Poot- Partnered with Bodie on the corner/perimeter
Norris Cole= Wallace- Young boy who was said to have a future, then buried and forgotten
Gloria James= Brianna Barksdale- Female head of the Barkdales, can't leave the street behind and move on without the spotlight
Juwan Howard= Prop Joe- The old head who has seen it all and been through it all, offering advice
Dexter Pittman= Cheese- Prop Joe's right hand/muscle who just does the wrong things consistantly


Kevin Durant= Marlo Stanfield- Head of the new, younger hustlers/dominant team of the NBA
James Harden= Michael Lee- Said to be the new 6th man closer after Manu Ginobili. Coming up with Marlo/Durant,may branch off
Russell Westbrook= Snoop Pearson- Young and reckless, shoot first ask questions later
Serge Ibaka= Chris Partlow- More controlled than Snoop, but a killer if you mess with him the wrong way
Thabo Sefolosha= Monk Metcalf
Derek Fisher= Vinson- Elder advisor to the family/team
Daequan Cook= Kenard- Youngin gunning to make a name for himself
Kendrick Perkins= Old Face Andre

Manu Ginobili= Omar Little- Down late in games? You know he is coming for you and nothing you can do. Lives by a code
Kobe Bryant= Brother Mouzone- Doesn't matter who it is, he'll kill you if you aren't careful

Tim Duncan= Cedric Daniels- The Captain of the force
Tony Parker= Jimmy McNulty- Wild personal life, but gets the job done by any means he can
Stephen Jackson= Bunk Moreland- Partnered with McNulty/Parker, also comes through to get the job done
Doc Rivers= Lester Freamon- The old vet who has been in the game before, but now can direct,dissect and devise up new plans
Greg Stiemsma= Herc- Taking out smaller bench players with his partner Carver/Bass
Brandon Bass= Ellis Carver- Taking out smaller bench players with his partner Stiemsma/Herc
Kevin Garnett= Clay Davis- Conniving? Maybe. Dirty? Maybe. Great at what he does and talks a good good? Shheeiiiitttt yeah
Paul Pierce= Tommy Carcetti- The mayor of it all. Gets disrespected until you forget about him, then comes through in the clutch
Rajon Rondo= Bunny Colvin- Floor general/commander who takes unconventional methods to get the result he desires
Ray Allen= Clarence Royce- Former mayor. Tried to hang on til the end but now just forgotten of how good he was


  1. Why did Jason Whitlock copy your concept on this? Check out his story he did on fox sports today.

  2. omg you are soooo right!!! I just read Whitlock's article and he definitely bit your concept! Whitlock is Wack!!

  3. I seen it this morning and was like chris posted something like this before the finals started. So I had to leave a comment on foxsports and call jw out.

  4. Thanks people. If you're on Twitter, hit me up.