Tuesday, July 12, 2016

MIXTAPE: Juicy J "Lit In Ceylon"

1.Where The Justice At (prod by Tarentino)
2.Mansion (prod by TM88)
3.Blue Bently (prod by TM88)
4.ACT (prod by TM88, Smash David)
5.Wet (prod by Tarentino)
6.Back Out (prod by TM88)
7.Winnin (prod by Tarentino)
8.Green Carpet (prod by TM88)
9.Enjoy (prod by Tarentino)
10.One Minute (prod by Tarentino)
11.Pressure (prod by Tarentino)
12.Control (prod by Southside)
13.Ol Skool (prod by TM88)
14.Waste No Time (prod by Zaytoven)
15.How It Go (prod by Southside)
16.Road To Sri Lanka (prod by Juicy J & Crazy Mike)

DOWNLOAD: Juicy J- Lit In Ceylon

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