Sunday, December 11, 2016

MIXTAPE: DJ Critical Hype & DJ Clyde "Chance The Dropout"

01. Prom Night pt 1 (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
02. The Writer (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
03. Everybody’s Something Feat. Saba (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
04. Summer Friends (DJ Clyde Blend)
05. You Song Feat. Lil Wayne (DJ Clyde 2 Beat Blend)
06. Fuc You Tahm Bout (DJ Clyde 2 Beat Blend)
07. Spaceship (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
08. Mixtape Feat. Young Thug (DJ Critical Hype 2 Beat Blend)
09. Hello (DJ Critical Hype 3 Beat Blend)
10. Grammy Family (DJ Clyde Blend)
11. Juke Juke (DJ Clyde Blend)
12. No Problem (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
13. Angels Feat. Saba (DJ Critical Hype 2 Beat Blend)
14. Favorite Song Feat. Childish Gambino (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
15. Lonely Thoughts (DJ Clyde Blend)
16. Fight or Flight Feat. G Herbo & Common (DJ Clyde 3 Beat Blend)
17. Fams and Foolies (DJ Clyde Blend)
18. Acid Rain (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
19. Ultralight Beam (DJ Critical Hype Blend)
20. Coming For Your Spot (DJ Critical Hype 2 Beat Blend)
21. They Don’t Like Me Feat. Childish Gambino (DJ Clyde 2 Beat Blend)
22. Prom Night pt 2 (DJ Clyde 2 Blend)
23. Paranoia (DJ Critical Hype 3 Beat Blend)

DOWNLOAD: Chance The Rapper, Kanye West- Chance The Dropout

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